Discovering nature...

Published by Metro India News on August 29, 2016 00:09:50 AM
Discovering nature...

This state is a blend of artistic temples, rich literature, legendary dynasties and natural beauty. It is blessed with breath taking natural beauty that can leave the visitors yearning for more. It is a treat for eyes to witness the cascading waterfalls, misty hills, verdant forests, shimmering rivers and undulating mountains.

Discovering nature in this state can leave travellers surprising with the striking landscapes from the emerald green coast regions to the dry deciduous forests and the mangrove belt teeming with hidden life. Well it is easy to venture a guess on which state it is, this beautiful state is Andhra Pradesh.

Hill stations, snow-clad mountains or beaches - these are places on the top of the bucket list for every vacationer's. But ever thought of adding a nature trek to your travel wish list?

Tyda nature camp

Located at a distance of 40kms from, 70kms from Vishakhapatnam and 623kms away from Hyderabad, it is a small tribal village in the woods of the Eastern Ghats suited is between Vizag and Araku.

This place is also known as jungle bells this place offers unique facilities like climbing, trekking, bird watching and target shooting with bow & arrows. Home for a variety of animals and birds, this eco tourism destination helps out the naturalists or guides in the camp, one can learn the language of the jungle, identification of calls, marks etc.

Horsley HillsHorsley Hills

Located at an attitude of 1,269 metres it is a perfect refuge for sun-scorched souls. The lush vegetation in this region begins the moment the people start the journey to there. The narrow, meandering roads leading to the hill station are lined with dense growth of gulmohar, eucalyptus, jacaranda and many other beautiful trees and plants. The verdure of the forests can be soothing to the eyes. These forests are inhabited by a diverse range of wildlife, including panthers, bears, sambar, jungle fowls and wild dogs. The fresh and clear air, the coffee plantations sending out a delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee pods, the Chenchu tribe with their Pungannur cows and the misty mountains offer a heavenly bliss that one cannot find in the concrete jungle.

Tada FallsTada Falls

Situated in the Varadaiahpalem mandal of Chittoor district and located at the boarder of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, it is an ideal place for trekking. The falls are located in a dense forest called Siddulaiah Kona. The falls are located within the Kambakam hills and are a popular destination for trekking, climbing and picnicking. The terrain that surrounds the falls includes rocky hill formations and lush forests interspersed with a number of streams.

These places are bestowed with exotic species of fauna and flora that will entice travellers to visit these destinations.

-Mahita Parvatha