Kriya a magical tool to remove stress

Published by Metro India News on May 15, 2016 00:18:18 AM
Kriya a magical tool to remove stress

When did you get associated with the Art of Living and how?

I was first associated with Art of Living during December 2006.The days and years preceding Dec 2006 were for me personally a period of great Turmoil. Right from the year 1991 I was facing lot of troubles at the family front mainly due to interpersonal relationship problems within the Family and my marriage in 1995 only aggravated them although I always shared a beautiful relationship with my wife Chitra who is a very active Art of Living teacher.

The problems we faced were never our own but were external to our family and were somehow disturbing us and we did not know how to come out of it. In November 2006 Chitra completed her First Part 1 course with Rajagopal Bhaiyya (My teacher too) and she urged me to do the course immediately which I did in December 2006 and from then on there was no turning back and I became a teacher in August 2008.

What are the benefits you feel for yourself?

The course taught me Sudarshan Kriya a magical tool which cuts stress. Those problems which I was facing since 1991 have not wholly vanished but my attitude towards them has changed my outlook to such an extent that they no longer affect me and even if they do we have the magic of Guruji with us who’ll take care of all our botheration’s. Life is like a Game to be played giving our 100%.

How is it helping you in your profession ?

The ups and downs of business pressures do not affect our personal or our professional life and our input is unaffected and is always 100%.The output is taken care of by Guruji.

Which aspect of the AoL do you like and want to implement in life?

Accept people as they are the mantra I like the best although each and every sutra is worth its weight in Gold. This one sutra transformed my attitude towards the whole of existence itself.

How would it benefit the youth?

The earlier one is introduced to Art of Living the better it is for him to chart the course of his Life.For Youth especially all the courses whether they be YES, YES+, Happiness program and DSN all of them shall do him a world of Good. The attractions of Youth like Drinking, Drugs and other socially unacceptable behaviours can be totally removed and he shall become a productive and responsible citizen.

I am now both a Happiness Programme teacher and also a Sri Sri Yoga teacher. My endeavour is to encourage all around me to develop a positive attitude towards Hinduism and to the great traditions of our country which in the current times is not finding favour among many sections of our society. This I feel can be changed only when more people join the Art of Living and discover the immense treasures which it is ready to offer.

V Balasubramanian

AOL faculty-AP0205

DGM/BHEL Hyderabad