'I consider myself fortunate'

Published by Metro India News on April 03, 2016 00:07:07 AM
'I consider myself fortunate'

When did you get associated with the Art of Living and how?

I have been associated with the Art of Living from June, 2009. My mother happened to see one of the flyers in a public place and had walked unto the nearby AoL center to enroll me for the basic programme that Art of Living has to offer - this being the best gift ever given to her daughter.

What are the benefits you feel for yourself?

I have seen myself transform into a better individual. I was pursuing my Engineering during the time I took up my Basic programme - it certainly helped me to study better, faster with zero stress absolutely. It also helped me write regularly, I have seen my creativity improve greatly, my ability to perceive the world in new ways was another convincing change. Appending to this, I was prone to severe Sinusitis before I took up the programme. Yes, I have had my share of chronic headaches, nasal congestions with a contiguous runny nose. But with regular practice of Pranayam and the magical Sudharshan Kriya taught in the programme, Sinusitis vanished without trace and never troubled me again ever since.

How is it helping you in profession as a doctor?

As time progressed, I forayed into the corporate world post finishing my Engineering course successfully. I was placed with 3 IT companies before I even finished my Engineering. I won accolades at my workplace for my novel notions and creativity. I was able to yield quicker results with precision, strike a perfect balance between work and home and was also able to engage in some social service with the NGOs including the Art of Living that I’m associated with, over the weekends.

Which aspect of the AoL do you like and want to implement in life?

I love the way Sri Sri Ravi Shankar inspires a hundred thousand folk and more across the globe to live the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. I totally love the way Sri Sri tirelessly works to spread his universal and simple message that love and wisdom can prevail over hatred and distress.

I begin my day with Yoga, Pranayama and Sudharshan Kriya which consume only 45 minutes in all - a definite head-start to a great day. I have also attend Satsang every week to unwind from monotony. seva or selfless service is my secret to instant happiness. Sadhana, Seva and Satsang are an indispensable part of my happy and successful life.

How would it benefit the Youth?

I consider myself very fortunate to have become an Art of Living teacher. I always loved to give back to the society. Before I became a teacher, I have had opportunities to organise and conduct Nava Chethna Shivirs to benefit the village folk. The aftermath delighted me to work for the grass roots even more and these experiences have made me a better person every single time. I was able to connect with a multitude of youth of late, my recent experiences overwhelmed me . A majority of the youth took to Sadhana, Seva and Satsang in place of drugs, cigarette and booze and displayed great temperament in trade.

Youth tremendously benefit out of the AoL course – they will develop an understanding of the relationship between oneself and the community, they become aware of areas for self-improvement, taking responsibility for one's actions is learnt effortlessly; teamwork - respecting others, performing roles of both leader and follower, building on strengths; improved public speaking skills are a majority of benefits I encountered having interacted and been with the youth that have taken up the Art of Living’s Happiness programme.


IT Professional,

AoL Teacher