Uday Chopra promises superhero armours to Shah Rukh

Published by Metro India News Online on June 26, 2016 22:02:51 PM

In candid banter, "Dilwale" star Shah Rukh Khan jokingly threatened actor-producer Uday Chopra to get him armours of superheroes in candid banter.

He threatened that he’ll reveal the truth behind his sanity to the world.

The “Dhoom” actor, Uday, logged onto Twitter to flaunt his new Batman superhero costume and Shah Rukh asked him to buy the Spider-Man armour for him.

Udya tweeted: “Today I'm batman @underarmour with gloves!”

In reply, Shah Rukh tweeted, “If you don’t get me these body armours and a Spider-Man also…by like yesterday, I will tell everyone you are sane and normal.”

Uday responded: “Oh I can’t let that happen…Ok done! Do you also want iron Man?”

This got King Khan on cloud nine and he replied: “You are killing me! Yes yes yes! Please”.

Let’s hope this friendly banter continues and we soon get to see a picture of Shah Rukh Khan wearing the promised superhero armours.