Thousands block road in Jangaon

Published by Metro India News on August 20, 2016 01:02:21 AM

In deference to the call of Jangaon District Sadhana Committee, thousands of protestors hit the roads in Jangaon town of Warangal district and caused blockade on Friday in protest against the failure of the State government to include the town in the list of new districts.

The police personnel took 10 leaders of the agitation into custody and whisked them away to the police station. Earlier, people in large numbers from Jangaon town and surrounding mandals caused blockade from 11 am at the RTC crossroads. Hundreds of women carrying bathukammas and bonams also participated in the protest. Led by JAC chairman Arutla Dashamanth Reddy, the youth leaders stormed the RTC crossroads and scuffled with the police. The police took some 200 leaders into custody called police from Jangaon, Mahbubabad, Narsampet, Eturunagaram and other places to control the situation.

Rasta Roko in Mulug

In Mulug, all-party leaders organised road blockade on the national highway for two hours on Friday demanding that the State government declare Mulug in Warangal district as Sammakka-Saralamma district. On receipt of the information that Minister for Tribal Welfare was visiting the district, the police dispersed the all-party activists and students as a precautionary measure. Enraged over the police action, one Ahmed Pasha doused himself with petrol and attempted to set him afire. However, the police stopped him from doing so and sent him to hospital.