SBH appeals banks not to join strike

Published by Metro India News on January 07, 2016 00:32:51 AM
Bank strike

All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) of which State Sector Banks Employees Association (SSBEA) is an affiliate has given a call for strike tomorrow in Associate Banks (ABs) of State Bank of India. The main contention for the strike is SSBEA does not want the Career Progression Scheme for Clerical Staff and that the service conditions of SBI not be imposed on them.

SBH said in a statement that the strike of the employees of Associate Banks is not justified and appealed to employees not to participate in the proposed strike. Despite several rounds of bilateral discussions, SSBEA has been vehemently opposing Career Progression Scheme, which would not only empower the employees but is also aimed at improving customer service.

Career Progression Scheme which is purely optional in the hands of employees has been introduced in SBI in 2009 has been well received by and is also accompanied by substantial monetary benefits to the employees.