Twitter hosts 360-degree vids from NBA Finals

Published by Metro India News Online on June 03, 2016 13:04:04 PM
Vine Twitter

Twitter partnered with US sports league NBA and Samsung South Korean company to showcase 360-degree videos shot only with Samsung's Gear 360.

The Game 1 finals of NBS are on Thursday and Twitter cards will now put hyperlinks to videos shot with the 360-degree camera which allows users to click and drag around in the frame to be able to see all around the stadium.

Twitter also promises "exclusive content" over the course of the NBA series.

To be able to view the 360-degree videos, the user will be directed to another website separate from the Twitter app.

Through the partnership, Twitter is trying to take on its rival Facebook which has already hosted several virtual reality videos on the website/app.

Last year too Twitter had partnered with NBA to create a NBA Finals Timeline where you could view latest related tweets, comments, expert analysis of the game, exclusive insider content and Vines.