Nagoro, the village of scarecrows

Published by Metro India News Online on June 26, 2016 19:41:41 PM

We have come across many bizarre stories but we bet you haven't heard anything similar to the story of Japan's scarecrow village. In the small village of Nagoro, present in Japan’s Shikoku you are more likely to come across a scarecrow than a human being.

The village that is home to only 35 residents, who are mostly elderly, has about 160 scarecrows. What is more bizarre is the fact that these scarecrows or dolls rather are actually ‘replacements’ of people who have passed away in the village. As reported by The Guardian, TsukimiAyano, who is the creator of these dolls said, “They bring back memories, particularly those based on people who have died.

I look at them and think about their personalities.” And so it is a common sight to come across dolls who are waiting at the bus stop, or dolls who are just sitting by the park. There are also classrooms filled with dolls that are based on kids!