Ganesh immersion peaceful in Warangal

Published by Metro India News on September 15, 2016 00:24:52 AM

Immersion of about 3027 Ganesh idols was completed in a peaceful manner in Warangal,Hanamkonda an Kazipet on Wednesday. The devotees took out processions from the pandals to the lakes across Warangal district. 

GWMC commissioner Sarfaraj Ahmed and city Police Commissioner G SudheerBabu monitored the immersion process. Mayor NannapaneniNarender and District Collector VakatiKarunavisited several the lakes during the immersion celebrations.

Hundreds of youth and women performed special prayers before taking out the processions to the lakes amid drums beatings and firing of crackers. The immersion took place at Padmakshi Lake in Hanamkonda, Bandamcheruvu in Kazipet andChinnawaddepally tank in Warangal town. 

Hundreds of devotees thronged the lakes to witness the immersion. Educational institutions were closed as the managements declared half day holiday. The revenue officials arranged swimmers at all the lakes to avoid untoward incidents during the immersion.