New chapter in Telangana cricket

Published by Metro India News on July 27, 2015 01:54:35 AM

A bold new chapter opened up in the cricket history of the new State on Sunday with the formation of the Telangana Cricket Association (TCA) aimed at providing a platform for the talented rural cricketers that would enable them to scale greater heights.

Newly-formed TCA tasks itself with promoting rural talent

Unveiling the logo and website of the association, Bandaru Dattatreya, Minister of State for Labour and Employment and C L Rajam, Managing Director of Metro India English daily hoped that the association will produce players who would be able to represent the country soon. Under the leadership of Endala Laxminarayana, TCA President (former MLA of Nizamabad ) and C L Rajam, vice-president and treasurer, the body will provide a platform for the talented cricketers right from the district level to showcase their talent and help them make it to Indian team.

The TCA will work with 100 per cent transparency for providing international standard infrastructure with turf wickets in all districts besides ensuring merit-based selections. Speaking at the function, C L Rajam said that this would be a great opportunity for the rural people to showcase their talent. “Our intention is to develop the game in rural areas. This is a great opportunity for them to play at national and international level. We are not against the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA). It is very clear.

If needed, we will be asking HCA to help us in whatever manner they can thus enabling the association to help the rural talent.” He added that the small places of the country are the source of big talent. “We all know that the most successful captain of India M S Dhoni is from a rural background and from a backward State like Jharkhand. If that can happen in case of Jharkhand, why can’t Telangnana produce better cricketers? If the talent is pursued properly, there is no difference between players from rural pockets and cities.

Only what we need is proper guidance. All great people are not from city. Our Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is also from rural place, and I have come from very remote place Manthani in Karimnagar district. In the new State, there is an urgent need to promote rural talent. “From our side and Metro India, we will provide every assistance for promoting rural cricketers. I am sure in one or two years, our team will produce State and national player.”

He also added that the association will work as a separate entity and it would not be a political platform. “This is not going to be a platform for politics. It is only for promotion of the sport. We have politicians from different spectrums. Our intention is only to run the association with transparency and develop the game cutting across the political lines. At the end of the day, we need political support. With the help of TRS leaders we will get support for the game at grassroots levels and with the help of central ministers and government, I hope we will get the BCCI affiliation,” he concluded.

The Union Minister, Dattatreya felt that the association would provide a great platform for the rural players. “After the formation of the State, we felt the need to have a separate association. Players from rural areas need more opportunities. They need infrastructure and facilities to succeed. If we keep politics out of the association and work with transparency and stay above controversies, it will succeed in realizing its goal.”

State Finance Minster Etela Rajender said that the TCA will bring out talent from rural places. “Cricket is not only for elite but also from common man. Everyone should get the equal opportunity. The association will provide facilities that are not available in districts and hope they bring out good talent,” he said. Dharam Guruva Reddy, the TCA Secretary, said that the association will do what HCA has failed to do. “If you see the Indian team, majority of the team members are from rural pockets of the country.

In next three to four years, I am sure four to five players will be from our State. With Abid Ali as our chief coach and Saad Bin Jung in the think tank, I am sure we will bring out true talent.” Raghuram Reddy, the vice-president of the association said, “There is absolutely no representation from districts in the Ranji trophy or Indian team. Only players from city are getting opportunities. This is not against HCA. The purpose is to take the existing facilities from districts and improve them with government support.

Turf wickets are very important in districts. This aim is to build infrastructure and provide them conditions to play the leagues in district level and then select team for State.” Also present at the function were Palvai Govardhan Reddy, Rajya Sabha member, Konda Venkateshwar Reddy, MP Chevella, BB Patil, MP Zaheerabad, T Veerender Goud and Y Suresh Reddy, managing director of 6tv.