Reforms to check corruption

Published by Metro India News on October 07, 2016 00:21:21 AM

Stating that district reorganization is considered a major administrative reform, the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao suggested structural reforms in every department at district level to serve the people better. Addressing a review meeting here at MCR HRD on reorganization of districts on Thursday, the Chief Minister said that there are no hard and fast rules as such to maintain uniformity in departments, equal number of the officers and staff in each department in every district.

The Chief Minister vouched for a need based and structural revamp of the departments to serve the people better in implementing welfare schemes and developmental programs. Stating that industries department should be expanded in Hyderabad, similarly Panchayath Raj and Rural Development departments should be strengthened in rural areas, he added.

The Chief Minister favored the forest department concentration in Adilabad, Bhupalapally, Manchiryal and Kottagudem and horticulture department and pointed where is the need to have forest department where there are no forests and tribal department where there are no tribals. If necessary staff should be adjusted according to the needs between districts and departments, he said, and added this will enable the departments to deliver the goods on time more efficiently.

Stating that departments should reorganize to offer better services, he said that public health, survey department and chief planning wings are to be expanded. The government wants to make use of the services of the officials for implementing special schemes and then shift them to others for the speedy disbursal of the projects.

School Education, SSA, RSA should be brought under district level education official and DMHA should monitor family welfare, leprosy, Aids, immunization, training, Malaria and forest officials should monitor wildlife, forest, social forest wings and also one official should supervise the minor irrigation, medium and major irrigation wings. As the lakes and reservoirs filled to capacity, it is time for encouraging fish cultivation in municipalities and village panchayats.

The Chief Minister said that corruption in certain departments is still prevailing the Chief Minister insisted on reforms in the revenue department. He said that citizen chart should be implemented in the revenue department to give corruption free transparent administration. KCR also directed the top level officials to make a study tour to other states with more districts and examine working conditions and functioning of the departments.

The Chief Minister directed senior officer Somesh Kumar to visit Uttar Pradesh, Meena to Chhattisgarh, Naveen Mittal to Haryana, BP Acharya to Orissa, Ajay Mishra to Tamil Nadu and SP Singh to Bihar. Concluding the review meeting in the afternoon the Chief Minister directed the officials to appoint district level department heads immediately by promoting the exiting staff through DPC.

He said additional staff will sanctioned wherever necessary and asked the officials to send the proposals. The Chief Minister sought suggestions from the officials to serve the people better. He said that district reorganization is an opportunity to mould the administration to State specific needs.