CBI orders internal probe

Published by Metro India News on September 29, 2016 00:12:12 AM
Central Bureau of Investigation

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) which was once considered as an organization of dedicated, hardworking and committed super sleuths that the nation could count on, is today a handmaiden of the ruling party, its political jackboot.

CBI DIG told me ‘Your future generation will be scared of my name’: Bansal

While charges against members of the ruling party are filed in the rarest of cases, people on the political hit-list and ‘targeted’ are routinely harassed. While most of the ‘favourite’ cases are left in limbo, ‘targeted’ list are harassed and tortured. Experts say that the blatant misuse of investigative agencies to cover up wrongdoing or punish enemies is one of the surest pointers to the encroachment of authoritarianism in a democratic state.

The examples are endless. BK Bansal’s family suicide is also a clear example of agency's credibility which is shadowed by a persistent question mark. Former senior official in Corporate Affairs Ministry, Bansal, who allegedly committed suicide on Tuesday has accused CBI for unnecessarily harassing his family during the probe. The suicide note says that "the DIG (Deputy Inspector General) told me he is Amit Shah's man, no one can harm me.

Your future generations will be scared of my name," he wrote. The reference to the BJP president has been seized by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who has demanded an explanation. Meanwhile supporters of Kejriwal pointed out on social media that the CBI boss named in the suicide note also handled the raids on the Chief Minister's top aide who has been accused of corruption. Kejriwal has said the case is fabricated by the centre as part of its campaign to malign his government.

Bansal in his letter sent to India Today TV, has accused five CBI officers - a CBI DIG, two women officers and a "fat" Havaldar of the agency - of harassing his family. The former official has written that his wife was physically tortured by two female CBI officials who use to ‘pinch her on the body’. “This is not a suicide, but a murder,” he wrote in the letter. Meanwhile, CBI has ordered a probe after receiving the letter.

“Have received purported hand written notes of BK Bansal and his son from Delhi Police on Wednesday, we have examined the matter and decided to probe the allegations,” CBI said in a statement. The central probe agency said that the letter contains names of certain officials and action will be taken if the allegations turn out to be valid. “It (letter) contains allegations against certain CBI officials in connection with the on-going bribery investigation against Bansal and others.

If any violation is established during probe, strict action will be taken against CBI officials concerned. Competent Court will be informed,” said the agency in a statement. “Absolutely shocking. Are we living in a democracy? More shocking is media’s reluctance to tell full story,” Kejriwal tweets.